Friday, January 29, 2010

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

The prospect of data loss from an unexpected disaster is one which looms over many businesses. We understand how crucial it is to have your site back up and running in case of an unexpected event, which is why IndiaLinks has implemented a fool-proof disaster recovery system which can ensure that your site will be up and running as quick as possible, minimizing downtime and potential data loss.

Database Driven Configurations
Our Virtual Data Center infrastructure uses Database driven configuration system. Server configuration files are generated from Database which resides on our central server (with hourly backup on backup servers). In event of a server crash, our Disaster Recovery Robots can replicate system configurations, User accounts and every important settings to new server in just few minutes.

While most Hosting companies has to manually setup server & user account spending couple of hours, our Disaster Recovery Robots can do this automatically in less than 5 minutes minimizing the time required to have your websites back up & running.

Data Backup & Recovery
All your website data & databases are backed-up on second hard drive & also transferred to a secure location on a remote server at regular interval. In event of a server crash, our Disaster Recovery Robots can automatically restore the backups on new server.

We do follow a strict data backup policy & keep atleast 2 copies of previous backups. However, looking at the sensitivity & importance, customer will be responsible to ensure that they have latest backup of their data off-line. We strongly recommend customers to take backups at regular intervals.

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