Thursday, January 14, 2010

Let us take care of your transfer - Riskfree!

1. Let us take care of your transfer - Riskfree!

Whether it's a web-portal, single page website or just a domain name -- regardless if you want to transfer it to CityEyez please open a ticket with our support department. We will ask you for the login information of your current vendor to move the services to CityEyez. Rest assured, we will take care of the complete transfer process and you will be intimated upon completion. Of course, this will be free-of-cost.

2. Or, do it yourself
When placing an order, please select " Transfer domain name " option.
Domain: You will be then asked to enter the domain secret code, which you can obtain from the current domain registrar, during the order process. Once the order is placed, we will send out authorization e-mails to the 'Administrator Contact' of the domain name. (You can find this information by performing whois on your domain name.) Once authorization is completed, the domain will take upto 5 business to get it transferred to CityEyez Network's control. Your website will not be down during this time. Later nameservers has to be changed pointing the domain to CityEyez's servers.

Hosting: Please take the backup of your files from your current hosting company and then upload it back to our servers. You will be informed with the username and password once the order gets activated. For cPanel accounts, we advise you to take the complete website backup which we can then restore it on our servers. The backup can contain webfiles, emails, email accounts, scripts and even databases.

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